Interior furnishing

Haspo System is an established furniture manufacturer for projects in Hospitality industry, retail shops, schools, kindergartens and college dormitories or residential projects.

The company offers its customers a detailed design proposal of the space, including the proposal and consultation of the most suitable construction and materials solution with regard to its use, stress and type, so that the customer is satisfied and the final product meets their needs. Prior to production, the customer approves the production drawings, including 3D models and material samples. As a standard, we also cooperate with interior studios in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Interior realization is always individual and differs in the specifications of each project and the needs and wishes of the customer. We supply our furniture complete including elements from materials such as metal, glass, mirror, stone, and others, where in cooperation with our long term partners we ensure the compatibility and completion of all elements directly in our workshops or on site.

Usually we supply our goods including installation and other on-site services to provide „turkey“ solution for our client as much as possible. For installation we use our own skilled teams and provide installations both locally and internationally.